Norfolk falconry for bird of prey experiences in Norfolk

Norfolk falconry for bird of prey experiences in Norfolk

Owl Gift Experiences in Norfolk

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Norfolk falconry have been providing a personal bird of prey experience days

in Norfolk for 6 years.

Flying owls, flying hawks the customers of Norfolk falconry enjoy the personal bird of prey experience. Your not put in a group, you come with your 1 guest and handle various birds of prey including the much loved Barn owl Rosie, the famous Indian eagle owl Bilbo, the huge European eagle owl Baby and in the winter, you experience Ice, the only Snowy owl in the world PROVEN to fly to a lure similar to a falcon.

You can meet Anya the Harris hawk and Wynette the Red tail Hawk (or Buzzard if you prefer).

You will also experience Kevin the male Kestrel, what a cute little character he has.

You can choose between an Owl experience, a Hawk experience ( or Hawk walk) and a half day bird of prey experience.

What makes Norfolk falconry different from many falconers that have birds of prey is our understanding of birds of prey. We love each and every bird of prey that we have here, this isn't a job, its not a hobby, its a lifestyle. From dawn to dusk and sumetimes past dusk, we are interacting with our birds of prey, every day, every week, every month, every year.

Half of what you will learn here, isn't in falconry books, the true knowledge can only come from not only watching birds of prey every waking hour, but understanding birds of prey through their eyes.

Our falconer is often refered to as Horus, not because he is a God, but because it is almost as if the birds are in his brain so much, he has become part bird, part man.

So, if you want a bird of prey experience with a difference, if you want an owl experience with a man that truely understands owls, book your personal bird of prey experience today.

Book today and find out why so many people are wanting to come to Norfolk Falconry.

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